A quick glimpse into what QA/QC is all about, and what YOU can expect potential employers to look for in a candidate!

Quality Control Department in pharma and allied industry is responsible to ensure that every finished product that gets out of the factory meets all the standard and mandatory requirements and is therefore said to be of “trusted quality”. Pharmaceutical companies need to consider every aspect of Quality Control, from ensuring the quality of raw materials, finished products as well as the packaging materials, overseeing that production steps are carried out in accordance with the protocols and making certain that standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been followed at every step until the final product ships out. Validation of instruments and equipments are also critical part of compliance in quality control department.

Quality Assurance is yet another important function in the drug manufacturing process. It ensures that every department in the organisation follows the protocols and standards right through the entire life cycle of the product. It ascertains that every process and step involved in the manufacture and distribution of the products complies with all the prescribed protocols.

Most companies invest a lot of time, money and resources to ensure that their employees involved in these functions are trained and prepared for the meticulous requirements that the job entails.

Why are Quality Assurance & Quality Control Important?

A quality medicine or product has a great impact on the health and well-being of the patient. These are consumed by patients to cure or improve their ailing condition or to prevent their condition from becoming worse and thus prevent the progression of the disease or ailment. An organization is held responsible for any adverse report that comes from a patient or a care giver with respect to the quality of a product.

Quality control and Quality Assurance thus become critical functions in the healthcare industry. Every organization focusses on high quality & thorough employee training, precise and advanced analytical instruments, constant improvement of quality management systems, documentation processes & control, auditing and frequent management reviews.

QC/QA personnel in the organization are therefore recruited through a systematic evaluation process.

Skills sought by employers

  • The ability to conduct analytical studies
  • Adept in handling of analytical instruments
  • Great documentation and research skills

What do prospective employers look for when hiring for a QA/QC role?

  • Do you have a strong domain knowledge?
  • Do you have a good understanding of various analytical studies and instruments?
  • Do you possess patience and the skill to pay attention to detail?
  • Do you have the perseverance to conduct in-depth studies?

While academic qualifications are extremely important, developing the soft skills required to take on a career in Quality Control and Quality Assurance is a must.

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