“I would like to thank PlatPharm for their valuable guidance in my career path. They helped me in understanding all the various options available after my B.Pharm journey. They suggested to me the next best step that should be made for the long-term goal that I want to attain. Since every person is unique in their way and their goals they will help you to select the best pathway for the same. Truly thankful to Geetha ma’am & Lakshmi ma’am for their guidance.”

Omkar Gupta, B.Pharm, Oriental College of Pharmacy, Mumbai

“I think the fact that you can have a Psychometric Assessment result explain your career choices tailored to how you walk, talk and feel is in itself something very unique and new. Moreover, the report scientifically explained career fit roles in the field of Pharmacy for me, which gave me direction and reassurance to mould my career path more definitely. It also gave me an insight of what soft skills I should develop in order to go for a career role I feel is best for me.”

Preetika Pathare, Final Year B.Pharm,
Bombay College of Pharmacy, Kalina, Mumbai

“Mentoring sessions were very informative and helpful. Got to question and learn lot of things about the opportunities and working of industry and the corporate world from the experienced mentors.”

RP, Final Year B.Pharm, Vivekanand College of Pharmacy, Chembur, Mumbai

“My experience of signing up with PlatPharm has been useful as it has helped me in acquiring information about the different verticals in pharma field. Interacting with the Founders and Mentor is helping me understand in detail about a specific vertical of my interest. These details are otherwise not available on the internet. They give information from their experience.”

NG, T. Y. B.Pharm, Sinhgad College of Pharmacy, Vadgaon, Pune

“The Psychometric Assessment Test was a great and positive learning experience for me. The test was simple and based on general situations to understand my personality. My results were to the tee and described me accurately. This helped me understand myself better. It was good to know and get insight into my strengths as well as my weaknesses, this knowledge will help me utilize my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses. The test also helped me find out which Pharma verticals are best suited for me and a career path I could take moving forward. It helped me clear my doubts about the vertical I want to enter into and has helped me gain more confidence.”

Himani Bhandari, Final Year B. Pharm,
Prin. K. M. Kundnani College of Pharmacy, Mumbai.

“The mentoring sessions have immensely helped me in gaining information about the respective career field. It has made me understand how that particular industry functions. The sessions also helped understand the necessary skills one must have to pursue a career in that field.”

A Third Year B.Pharm student from
Sinhgad College of Pharmacy, Pune

“It has been a great experience signing up with PlatPharm. Before joining I had many questions like “what should I be doing after my graduation?” But after getting proper guidance from mentors of PlatPharm it helped me think clearly and make right decision of my goals and working towards it.”

Final Year Pharmacy student from VESCOP, Chembur, Mumbai

“It is wonderful how your personality traits can give you an idea about your fitment in a particular pharma vertical. This is where the psychometric test by PlatPharm is really helpful. As a pharmacy student there are various options available for you and through the career counselling session by the counsellors at PlatPharm, you get a fair idea of that too according to your strengths and weaknesses.”

Aqsa Pathan, B.Pharm,
Bombay College Of Pharmacy, Mumbai

“Mentor has been very patient to understand all my questions ensuring all my doubts are cleared giving proper guidance and his experience.”

A student studying in Vivekanand College of Pharmacy, Chembur, Mumbai

“The psychometric assessment was very unique and personalized; it helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses properly. The counselling session gave me an insight of my personality along with career options given in the psychometric assessment.”

A student of Sinhgad College of Pharmacy, Pune

“My mentor is very knowledgeable. She not only gave me information about the industry, but also patiently listened to all my queries and solved them. She has detailed knowledge about the field and has helped me gain the same. Her mentoring sessions are very well planned and organized. The way she conducts the session is impeccable.”

NG, T. Y. B.Pharm, Sinhgad College of Pharmacy, Vadgaon, Pune

“The psychometric assessment test was useful in understanding my interests, my strengths and ability. It made me understand what characters and skills are needed for certain jobs roles and identify roles which myself feel suitable.”

RP, Final Year B.Pharm, Vivekanand College of Pharmacy, Chembur, Mumbai