PlatPharm is founded to support students pursuing undergraduate and graduate pharmacy & life sciences education in India. These students, during the course of their program, need to make critical and foundational decisions that define their academic pursuits or areas of specialty and these have a significant impact on their career path.

Most times, these critical decisions of career choices are made by default. The academic curriculum gives students the knowledge needed and the degree. However, the students need to go much beyond their curriculum to have a complete understanding of the various alternatives that are available as they graduate and enter the workforce in the industry or even as they plan to move towards higher studies.
PlatPharm, 'first-of-its-kind' forum, hopes to bridge this gap by connecting students with a community of experienced professionals from the healthcare industry. Engaging in purposeful conversations and interactions with these “Mentors” from varying verticals within pharma industry, the students will be able to make more confident and educated choices about their career journey. These choices can vary from choosing electives or deciding on research areas, to investigating potential career paths or graduate programs.

Thus, PlatPharm will help them make informed decisions about their career with confidence. All interactions and discussions will be facilitated virtually through this online portal, with students being in the comfort of their homes / institutes. No location constraints for the mentors or mentees!

Our Vision

Create a community that shall serve as a support group to prospective young students to connect, explore, interact and make informed career decisions

Our Mission

  • Emerge as a critical connect between the industry and student fraternity; create a network of pharmacy & life sciences students across the country
  • Assist students in discovering their strengths and identify the career choices through well designed and globally acclaimed talent assessments
  • Enlighten students on available career choices across various verticals within the healthcare industry
  • Mentor graduating students and guide them in taking decisions about their career path with confidence