• Third and Final Year students pursuing Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Sciences & Life Sciences in India
  • Students pursuing Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Sciences & Life Sciences in India
  • Students pursuing PharmD in India
  • PlatPharm is ‘first-of-its-kind’ forum dedicated for pharmacy students.
  • We have Talent Assessments to help students discover their strengths and interest areas in the healthcare field
  • Students will be counselled to identify the areas of best fit for their career
  • Students are matched to Mentors (industry professionals with a vast experience in the healthcare industry as well as young professionals who have just completed their higher studies and entered the industry) who can advise and mentor them continuously to help them achieve their goals
  • Forum also helps in connecting pharmacy students & life sciences across India.
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Talent Assessment is a healthcare industry specific psychometric test. Psychometric assessments are intended to evaluate individuals’ suitability for a role based on cognitive skills and personality characteristics. Psychometric tests determine the extent to which an individual’s aptitude and personality match those needed to execute the role. Following the psychometric assessment, we will advise you on top 3 verticals within the healthcare sector most suited for your skills and personality. For example, we will be able to tell you whether your skills are suited for R&D, Quality Assurance or Marketing. This is a recommendation based on many years of experience which will arm you with the right data to pursue a “right job” which will advance career growth and job satisfaction. This may be different from your own assessment of strengths. We recognise that there is no right answer or right path – our recommendation is one of many viewpoints

Yes, there will be difference in mentoring for different years of study.

It is, in fact, ideal to join this forum in the third year. It will help you identify your areas of strengths early enough to plan and prepare for your future career. When you begin to get mentored, you will be able focus on your strengths and develop on your areas of improvement as you enter the graduation year. It will additionally help you in understanding what to expect and how to gain from your practical training at the end of your third year. And hence it will be absolutely beneficial for you to join PlatPharm in your third year.
  • Our mentors are experienced professionals from the Pharma and allied industry with expertise in specialised areas within the industry. We have on board mentors from conventional verticals such as R&D, Quality assurance, Manufacturing/ Production, Marketing & Sales, etc. as well as the verticals such as Clinical Research, Medical writing, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory affairs, Consulting and Finance which have started gaining popularity in recent years.
  • We also have young mentors on board who have just completed their academic journey and entered the industry.
You can connect with mentors through our website once you register. Mentors can be matched based on the student’s area of interest for the mentoring to be relevant.
Interaction with mentors will be completely virtual as per the pre-fixed calendar slot selected.
Mentors will help by advising and guiding you on industry aspects. They will help you in making right decision about career options/choices. They will also be able to answer the queries you may have about the industry or a particular function. Additionally, they can help you develop your soft skills that are very essential for your interview preparations. In short, they will help you groom and be equipped for the job of your interest.
Once you are a member with PlatPharm we will have a common forum on this site through which you can interact with fellow students. You could also join our social media pages to interact with each other.

PlatPharm does not offer any kind of coaching services; it’s a mentoring platform curated solely for pharmacy & life sciences students in India.

Absolutely! All interactions on this forum will be confidential. Only the member, the mentor and the PlatPharm team will have all information about any individual member. No information about the individual will be shared with any external party without the consent of the individual.
PlatPharm will guide you through the process of your career choices and getting mentored in making a decision about the career alternatives. While we do not guarantee you an opening or a job, we will prepare you thoroughly to make you confident as you get ready to embark on your career journey.
If we do get any leads for career or research openings or internship opportunities, we will get in touch directly ONLY with suitable candidates as we deem fit. We will not entertain any queries or correspondence in this regard.

We do not take the responsibility of helping you get a job. Our mentoring will certainly help in making you the preferred candidate for the jobs you apply.

No. The mentors will only mentor or guide you through the process of your career decision.
When you register as a member, you will gain access to a variety of resources that will be published on this site. These will mainly be related to the healthcare industry in general and will include opinions, debates and discussions pertaining to the industry. We will be publishing insights from various articles that are of relevance to this forum, updating you on the developments in the industry through blogs/columns, and also discussing certain verticals in depth.

Yes. Once you enroll as a member, we include you in the PlatPharm social media groups. After you cease to be a PlatPharm member, we do not remove you from the social media groups. You can continue to avail of the resources and interactions within this community and grow your network in the healthcare industry. Our ultimate objective is to create a dedicated community of pharmacy and healthcare industry professionals.