Why Skill Development?

Employers can identify your skillsets before they hire you!

Students gain academic knowledge through their curriculum. However, it is often found that many lack the practical knowledge and skills that are required for a particular job. Hence, in short, they are not Industry Ready.
PlatPharm Team understands the existing need-gap and has developed Skill Development Programs for Pharmacy/Life Sciences students.

The Key Objectives
  • Educate and skill the individual thoroughly in a specific function so as to get them Industry Ready
  • Improve the awareness and sharpen the aptitude in the specific area
  • Empower the student to learn beyond the academic curriculum
  • Enable the student to maximise their potential
  • Develop the soft skills needed for the job
PlatPharm Skill Development Programs
  • Production and Quality Management
  • Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Research
  • Research & Development and IPR
  • Distribution & Logistics in the Pharma Value Chain
  • Drug Store Management (Retail & e-Commerce)
  • Sales & Marketing of Pharmaceuticals and Allied products
PlatPharm Skill Development Program Design
  • D. Pharm / B. Pharm / M. Pharm / B.Sc. / M.Sc. students across India can register /enroll
  • Designed as multiple level courses:
    • Basic Module
    • Intermediate Module
    • Advanced Module
  • Initial enrolment in the basic module mandatory before moving on to the next module
  • Each module to include specific soft skill courses besides the core technical skill sets and knowledge required for a specific job role
  • Courses would be conducted online by experienced professionals from the healthcare industry
  • Interactive way of learning: Role plays, demonstrations, and videos will be included in the workshop
  • Presentations, Quizzes and tests to be incorporated to assess the individual
  • A Certificate to be awarded to each student who successfully completes the course


With clear career goal setting & enhanced confidence